Calm Amidst the Storm: Seed Sowing at the Native Bee Laboratory

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“Last weekend, we had the privilege of venturing into the epicenter of Sam Droege’s Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab. Despite the constant bombardment of water droplets, we found solace cocooned in a plastic hoop tent, our shelter from the elements while immersed in nature’s symphony of rhythms.

This comfort would prove short lived as dozens of folks armed with stratified native seedlings shuffled about in hivemind, meticulously sowing dozens of trays destined to be pollinator havens. The atmosphere was ripe of purpose & camaraderie, united in mission to create sanctuaries for our native plant allies.

Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather, resilience shone through. Like the seeds we carefully nurtured, we too persevered, fueled by shared passion for conservation and deep reverence for our interconnected ecosystems. As I reflect on our rainy day in the Bee Laboratory, the vital importance of our work radiates like a freshly stoked fire pit. In the face of environmental threats and uncertainty, each act of stewardship illuminates the path towards a more sustainable future!

To the hardworking folks braving the everlasting cadence of rain alongside me, I applaud your unwavering commitment! In the tender anticipation of new growth, we find warmth, renewal, and profound strength in mobilization. For that, I am immensely grateful. May our gardens continue to bloom, our hearts & minds remain steadfast, and our actions soar ever higher, guided by the timeless wisdom of nature..” ~  Isaiah Bednash