Our Partners

Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to connect people and native plants for a healthy planet. We are deeply rooted in collaborating with and recognizing the like-minded organizations that share our passion for native plants and natural landscapes. And we look forward to our continued partnerships to support our shared passion for enhancing biodiversity in communities through planting natives. 

Bona Terra

Mission Statement: We grow native plants with a focus on the local genetics necessary to restore diversity in the Chesapeake eco-region. 

Vision Statement: Providing people and businesses the resources to preserve our at-risk habitats, to restore ecosystems, and to rethink environmental action on micro and macro levels.

“In 2023, Bona Terra started the Plant Grant Initiative to give out free native seedlings to local organizations and homeowners in an effort to get native plants in the ground. We saw an untapped resource in the people in our community that wanted to support ecosystems with native plants. By providing some basic information and free seedlings, we have removed many of the barriers to entry and allowed more people to become the change they want to see in the world.

“Joining Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay has enabled us to tap into a community of people interested in landscaping with native plants to help spread the knowledge we have accumulated over years of growing, planting, and maintaining native plants. Since our main focus is producing these plants, we rely upon community members to help us spread information about why landscaping with native plants is important to the environment and to help us get more native plants into the ground. Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay has connected us with people with a willingness to learn about and participate in all aspects of the growing process.” ~ Jeremy Tidd

Butterfly Alley

“Butterfly Alley is a seasonal native plant stand in Southern Maryland that is committed to selling cost effective plugs, with limited quarts and gallons, in April and September. We have an on-site demo garden. Feel free to stop by and collect seeds anytime. We offer a 30% discount to non-profits and community gardens. Our motto is: success is measured in butterflies!” ~ Carrie Krier

Chesapeake Natives

“The Mission of Chesapeake Natives, Inc. is to promote, protect, and propagate plants native to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

We are looking forward to partnering with Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay to promote the use of native plants through volunteer events, workshops, and community outreach.” ~ Kelly Lawhorn

Dr. James A Forrest Career and Technology Center

“The Natural Resources Management students aren’t just learning how to better manage our environment; they’re already working to improve it.  Through community service activities with Wild Ones and other partners, our students have actively participated in the planting and maintenance of many local native plant and pollinator gardens, as well as oyster restoration and community water quality data gathering and analysis.  Our students learn by doing, and with Wild Ones they’re out in the community, doing good!” ~ Dorothy Birch

Keep La Plata Beautiful

Keep La Plata Beautiful is a collaborative effort shared by the Town of La Plata, residents and local businesses, and local non-profits to inspire people to take action every day to make La Plata a clean, green, and beautiful place to live. KLPB promotes the arts, watershed stewardship, beautification, and environmentally friendly home and business practices to encourage overall community sustainability. Incorporating native plants into our landscape helps build sustainable communities and connect people with nature. The Town of La Plata is Maryland’s FIRST Bird City Maryland and proudly maintains certifications with Bee City USA, Tree City USA, and Sustainable Maryland.  KLPB believes that a healthy community for our birds, bees, and insect population is a healthy community for us all.

Nurture Natives

Mission Statement: Nurture Natives is dedicated to empowering youth through environmental initiatives that enhance native biodiversity.

Vision: Nurture Natives pursues its vision through two core objectives:

1) Empower youth. We aim to cultivate an environment in which young individuals can ignite their passions, find their voices, and drive positive change. We strive to convince every youth of their inimitable purpose and impact.

2) Increase biodiversity. Our team is passionately working to raise biodiversity levels across the East Coast by supporting local nurseries and farmers and educating communities on native species, pollinators, and sustainable agriculture.

“Nurture Natives is honored and beyond grateful to have Marlene Smith, the co-founder of Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay, as our guiding mentor. Our shared mission to promote native plants through education, giveaways, and volunteer events, with a focus on engaging youth, forms a strong bond between NN and WOCB. A highlight of our collaboration was hosting the first-ever Community Lead Satellite Giveaway sponsored by the Bona Terra LLC Plant Grant, where we distributed 3,420+ native seedlings. Additionally, we jointly presented “Gardening for Native Biodiversity,” a youth-led workshop featuring Nurture Natives’ co-founders Esther and Sam, alongside WOCB’s Marlene and Bill Smith at the St. Mary’s Library. Nurture Natives is looking forward to more inspiring collaborations with WOCB!” ~ Esther Bonney

Southern Maryland Audubon

“The mission of Southern Maryland Audubon is to promote appreciation, conservation and protection of birds, other wildlife and their natural habitats through education, research and outreach.

One of our top priorities is promoting native plants to help declining populations of birds, beneficial insects and other wildlife survive and thrive.” ~ Molly Moore

St. Mary’s County Garden Club

One of the goals of the St. Mary’s County Garden Club includes promoting awareness of environmental issues among our members. Our Club’s Conservation and Environment (C&E) Committee is committed to supporting and conducting community activities that promote environmental protection and education among County residents. By collaborating with Wild Ones and other organizations, we are able to promote native plants and sustainable landscaping among a wider range of residents and to influence greater changes.” ~ Becki Wolf

St. Mary’s County Library

Our Vision: We inform and inspire.

Our Mission: We connect people with ideas and information in a diverse community, valuing opportunity and education for all.

“Our partnership with Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay helps to extend our reach into the community. The Library is collaborating with Wild Ones to provide informational sessions and workshops on the importance of protecting and restoring our local ecosystems.” ~ Nicole Bega

University of Maryland Extension Master Gardeners

The UME Master Gardener mission is to “connect Maryland residents to trusted, science-based resources on safe, effective and sustainable horticultural practices to grow healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities.” Through collaboration with Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay (WOCB) and Southern Maryland Audubon, UME Master Gardeners provide workshops on native seed collecting and winter sowing native seeds.

Since 2022, UME Master Gardeners have mentored and supported WOCB member Esther Bonney, founder of Nurture Natives, which is a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth through environmental initiatives, with a focus on protecting native species and biodiversity.

In October 2023, in collaboration with Bona Terra Nursery and Nurture Natives, we co-hosted the first community-led Bona Terra Seedling Give-Away at the Leonardtown Public Library. In 2024, St. Mary’s Master Gardeners received a donation of select native seeds from WOCB to help with the renovation of their Extension Office demonstration garden in Leonardtown.