City Nature Challenge 2024 – Washington Metro Area

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What’s CNC All About?

Do you like observing nature? Make your observations count! The City Nature Challenge is an adventure in metropolitan areas worldwide to discover and identify wildlife. We’ll be looking for signs of life in parks, neighborhoods, and backyards to see what plants and animals share our environment. Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay members are encouraged to Join the City Nature Challenge 2024 – Washington Metro Area and become a citizen scientist!

The CNC takes place in two parts:

April 26-29, 2024 Taking pictures of wild plants and animals

April 30-May 5, 2024 Identifying what was found

Why participate?

It’s fun—and it’s a great reason to spend some time with nature. You’ll help scientists collect valuable information on biodiversity. And you’ll help the Washington DC metro area find as many species as possible! See what we found in 2022!

Who is eligible?

Everyone in the Washington DC metropolitan area with access to a camera and the internet can observe wildlife with us. Anyone worldwide can help with identifying our finds!

How do I participate?

Watch this quick video, then visit CITY NATURE CHALLENGE WASHINGTON DC AREA