Local Leaders Tackle English Ivy – One Tree at a Time

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“Esther Bonney, founder and director of Nurture Natives, Marlene Smith, founder and president of Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay Chapter and member of St. Mary’s County Master Gardeners, University of Maryland Extension, and Frank Allen, president of the Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust dedicated their morning on March 27, 9 am-12 pm, to removing invasive English Ivy from the trees at the Lexington Manor Passive Park. Removing English Ivy from trees is quick and easy. No herbicide is necessary!* You can view the before and after pictures showcasing two trees in the park free of ivy. It was a positive and educational experience for the three local leaders, all nurturing natives and working toward a greener future for Southern Maryland. 🌱☀️

*To remove English Ivy from trees, start by cutting the vines at shoulder length on the tree using clippers or pruning shears. Carefully peel the ivy away from the tree trunk, working downwards towards the base. At the base, cut or pull up as many of the roots as possible. For older and thicker ivy, a saw may be necessary to cut through the vines. Be cautious not to damage the tree’s bark during the removal process. After removing the ivy, dispose of it properly to prevent regrowth. Consistent monitoring and maintenance are key to keeping your trees ivy-free.” ~ Esther Bonney, Nurture Natives (Photo credits: Esther Bonney)