Work Begins at St. Mary’s Animal Adoption and Resource Center

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“We’re excited to share the progress made during our workday on February 22 for the native pollinator garden project at the St. Mary’s County Animal Adoption & Resource Center in collaboration with Wild Ones Chesapeake Bay, the St. Mary’s County Garden Club, and Friends of St. Clements Bay.

We joined forces with students of Mrs. Dorothy Birch’s Natural Resources Management class from the Forrest Career and Technology Center to meticulously hand-weed, relocate a few plants, and begin to lay a cardboard weed-barrier, setting the stage for the next phase of our garden transformation. 

This collaborative effort not only contributes to the health of our local ecosystem but also fosters community engagement. Together, we are making a positive impact on our environment and supporting the essential role of native pollinators in our ecosystem. The future colorful display of butterflies, buzzing bees, and fluttering birds will beautify the animal shelter entrance, as well as provide entertainment for the resident cats located at the front of the building by providing a source of enrichment. A native pollinator garden serves as a captivating living show, enhancing the well-being of the shelter animals awaiting adoption.

However, our work is not complete, and we are eager to continue our efforts. Mark your calendars for the upcoming workday on March 7th, where we will build upon our achievements and move closer to realizing our vision for a vibrant native pollinator garden.

Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm. Let’s keep the momentum going! ” ~ SC